Owners Management Company

Owners Management Company

Hutchinson Auctioneers celebrated our 20th year in 2018 as Waterford’s longest established management agency. It is a testament to our professionalism that we still manage the very first apartment development that we took on in 1998.

With our wealth of knowledge in the area of Owner Management Companies, our experienced Licensed team has the necessary skills to ensure your financial, legal and insurance obligations are being effectively managed.


What do OMC’s do?

An Owner Management Company is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all open spaces, common areas and related management services. This can include settings such as apartment blocks  or any other type of multi-unit building.

Manage and maintain common areas in multi-unit developments. These areas can include:

  • Entrance halls, landings, lifts, staircases and passages
  • Architectural and water features
  • Access roads, footpaths, kerbs, landscaped areas and boundary walls

Commercial Valuations

All valuations by Hutchinson Auctioneers are carried out by Timothy Hutchinson, an RICS Registered Valuer. We have the expertise and experience required to provide independent advice on all property types and interests.

Expert Witness

“In my role as an expert witness I have specialised in property valuation and am a registered valuer with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).  I have also received additional training.”
– Timothy Hutchinson.

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